Sanidyne Plus Room Sterilizer
Sanidyne Plus Room Sterilizer Dimensional Data for Sanidyne Plus room sterilizer Easy transport handle on Sanidyne Plus Sanidyne Plus image showing scale of the unit Programmable Timer on Sanidyne Plus Sterilizer Hour timer on and power control Sanidyne Plus Instructions for Remote Control, Sanidyne Plus. Recommended treatment time table for room sterilization What's included with the Sanidyne Plus room sterilizer. Lockable castors on the Sanidyne Plus. Spring Loaded Lamp-holders for Sanidyne Plus. Made in the USA Industry Best Warranty - Sanidyne Plus UV Sterilizer

Sanidyne® Plus UV Portable Air and Surface Sanitizers (Plus)
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Attention: Due to Covid-19 and increase demand this product's minimum lead time is 10-12 weeks by the manufacturer.

Sanitize both the air and surfaces in any large Unoccupied Area with this fully portable Sanidyne Plus. 

These high powered systems use 8 High Output germicidal UVC bulbs to irradiate harmful pathogens and break up the DNA of infectious microorganisms such as mold, virus and bacteria.

The system comes complete and ready to plug in and utilizes WIFI with a digital remote control to keep operators and personal safe from UVC irradiation. These mobile units are perfect for treating multiple areas where permanently mounted systems are not viable.  Typical applications include but are not limited to, operating rooms, hotels, gymnasiums, auditoriums, etc.


  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction for ruggedness and strength.
  • 24-Hour Interval Timer allowing treatment time to be pre-programmed for room size.
  • 1 minute and 30 second Audible Exit Warning to allow operators time to safely exit area before disinfection treatment commences. 
  • 4 Occupancy Sensors to quickly shut down system if someone or something enters disinfection area.
  • WIFI Dome for operation by the Digital Remote Control from outside of disinfection area.
  • 4 Warning signs to placed to entry and exit doors of area being treated.
  • Large castors and transport handle to make moving the Sanidyne Plus form room to room easier.
  • Elapsed Hour Counter to accurately keep track of hours used and make sure lamps are operating at their optimal level.


  • Length, 21.75" x Width, 20.0" Height, 68.5"
  • 1200 Watts
  • Max Treatment Time 24hrs
  • 8 X Armolite Coated 115 Watt UVC Bulbs
  • Lamp Life 13,000 Hrs

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