SPDI UV Total-Cure 8” to 24" Benchtop UV Curing Conveyor System

SPDI UV Total-Cure 8” to 24" Benchtop UV Curing Conveyor System
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Compact table mounted UV Conveyor system with multi wavelength capabilities.

If you are needing consistent, repeatable curing results for small parts, and need a compact system, cureUV's line of bench-top conveyor systems are the systems needed.

Ideal for small run or full production, these robust systems come complete ready to run out of the box.  Conveyor, lamp head and control are all combined into one unit.

Available in various widths and capable of running 2 powerful Mercury, Gallium, Indium or Iron doped UV lamps.  

Multiple uses:

  • UV inks for paper and glass
  • UV coatings for wood, ceramics
  • PCB boards
  • UV Glues
  • R&D Testing


  • Conveyor Speed: 0-40 feet per minute
  • UV Arc Lamps: 2 medium pressure mercury lamps of 300 WPI (Watts per inch) each.
  • Lamp Availability: Gallium, Indium, Iron Doped, Standard Mercury.
  • Voltage: 220V

Technical Specifications:

Model Number 302501-8 302501-12 302501-16 302501-20 302501-24
 Belt Width: 8 Inch 12 Inch 16 Inch 20 Inch 24 Inch
Belt Length: 40 Inches 47 Inches 47 Inches 48 48 Inches
Weight: 242 lbs 286 lbs 363 lbs 450 550 lbs


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  • Hi, Is your 302501-16 system capable of using an H and D bulbs simultaneously?


    This system your looking at can use H and D bulbs simultaneously. I hope this helps.

    Stay Safe,
    CureUV Team