Stratix Labs UV-Confirm™
Stratix Labs UV-Confirm™ Stratix Labs UV-Confirm™

Stratix Labs UV-Confirm™
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Self-contained biological indicator for evaluating UV disinfection effectiveness.

First of its kind. Delivering visual confidence in UV disinfection.
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is gaining rapid and widespread adoption for its use in disinfecting high-touch surfaces in critical environments, such as hospitals. However, the effectiveness of UV disinfection is highly dependent on the system and how it’s used. It’s critical to ensure that UV disinfection is being used correctly so that infections can be effectively reduced. UVC Dosimeter cards are based on a chemical reaction. This is a true biological challenge.

UV-Confirm™ is used to verify and validate UV disinfection effectiveness against a microbial challenge in end-user environments such as hospitals. Compatible with UVGI of Surfaces and Upper-room UVGI.

The world’s first self-contained UVGI biological indicator that enables measurement of UVGI effectiveness in end-user environments.


  • True microbial challenge: The only way to truly evaluate antimicrobial effectiveness is a microbial challenge. 

  • Safe: no exposure during testing or reading of results.

  • Easy: provides results with a simple color change

  • Low cost

Use guide: 

  1. Expose device to UV light.

  2. Squeeze device to break ampule.

  3. Incubate for 18-24 hours at 35ºC.

  4. Record results.


Yellow = Fail

Purple = Pass

No lab work needed.

GermAwayUV UV-Confirm is the first and only tool for evaluating ultraviolet light that incorporates a true microbial challenge that involves no exposure to the microbes. A true biological challenge is required to deliver confidence in disinfection results. The product contains viable spores of Bacillus Spizizenii (>3 log CFU/device) coated on a carrier within a UV transmissible container.



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