Others - 6' X 6' X 6' Two-Panel Welding Screen - UV Exposure Protection

6' x 6' x 6' Two-Panel Welding Screen - Opaque Vinyl
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This 6' x 6' x 6' two panel welding screen improves the level of safety and productivity at your facility. The screen is attached to a frame with nylon beaded ties to maximize safety in an environment that needs to be well ventilated. The double panels help further reduce welding exposure for other workers. The panels are attached and can be placed at different angles to better fir your working environment.

Welding can be a dangerous process not only for the welder, but also for bystanders. By-products of welding include extreme heat, sparks, and UV light. Welding Screens keep other workers or bystanders who are not equipped with welding safety safe from developing flash burns, damaging their eyes and skin, and other issues that can arise form being exposed to these hazards.
Welding screens can also be used to protect oneself when working with grinding, UV curing systems, and drying products with UV irradiation.

Items included with the purchase:

- Welding screens
- Frame
- Nylon beaded ties
- Platform legs

This product is manufactured by Chicago Protective Apparel, founded in 1913, based on Skokie, IL. CPA is committed to the continued improvement of their products and the safety of all workers.


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