UVC Germicidal - UV Ballast For G36T5/4P/SE Germicidal UV Light Bulb - Single/Multi

UV Ballast for G36T5/4P/SE Germicidal UV Light Bulb - Single/Multi
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Solid State Electronic Ballast approved for 1 or 2 lamps between 40-95 watts.  Preheat start.
  • Lamp Operation:
    • 1x lamp or 2x lamps (40-95W) T5  - 800ma
    • 180w max
    • Single Pin or 4 Pin lamps
    • 1 or 2 HO Lamps 
    Ballast Dimensions:

    Long: L: 18", W: 1.72", H: 1."

    H Version:  L: 11.37" x W: 3.23" x H: 1.23

    Operating Voltage: 120-277VAC
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Max. Input Current: 1.39A
    Rated Max. Load: 190W
    Protection Output: Yes
    Protection Input: Fuse/MOV
    Over Current: Yes
    Ballast Lamp Starting Mode: Program
    Transient Protection: C62.41 Class A 7 strikes
    RFI/EMI: FCC Part 18 non-consumer
    Regulatory Approvals: UL/cULus
    Class P Inherent Thermal Protection: Type 1 Outdoor
    Sound Rating: "A"
    Power Factor: Equal to or > 0.97
    THD: < 10%
    Min. Operating Temp.: 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit)
    Max Case Temp.: 70 degrees Celsius (158 degrees Fahrenheit)

    UV Ballast for G36T5/4P/SE Germicidal UV light bulb (single or multi lamp) provides a low-maintenance, energy-efficient solution for germicidal ultraviolet lighting applications, including water purification, air purification and surface disinfection.

    Electronic ballast with Program start, 1 or 2 lamps, 120-277 VAC with primary and secondary connectors, 70c max case, 3 year warranty, cULus/CE, with lamp operation LED connector. For lamp operation, case size details and other technical information, click the Specifications tab.

  • GHO36T5L
  • G36T5/4P/SE


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