Control Integrator Measurement Device
Control Integrator Measurement Device UV Control Integrator with Smartphone capability UV Control Wireless Option

UV Control Integrator
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Take the guess work out of your curing application by measuring UV intensity, dosage and temperature with this versatile device.  

Get quick and accurate real time readings and store the information on an SD card. With the SD card you can upload the information quickly to a PC where it can be manipulated in a spreadsheet or on a number of data logging pieces of software available.

The UV Control has various UV sensors that can calculate and show, peak UV energy as well as dosage of UV energy for each band.   It boasts a full color screen to clearly display results, and there are also models available to measure LED as well as medium pressure lamps.

WLAN wireless functionality is an available option for this device. With the WLAN option, you can transfer files to a smartphone or PC via the available Web App.  The App reads and displays the UV Controls measured values, (mW/cm2  /  mJ/cm2).

Available Spectrum Measuring Ranges:

UV-A:    315 - 410nm

UV-B:    280 - 315nm

UV-C:    230 - 280nm

UV-Vis:  395 - 445nm

UV-LED 265 - 495nm (4C LED)

Model Version Measuring Ranges:

4C TFT -         UVA, UVB, UVC, Visible

4CT TFT -       UVA, UVB, UVC Visible, Temperature

4C LED TFT - UVA, UVB, UVC, Visible, LED



  • Intensity in mW + Dose in mJ for UV-A, -B -C, VIS, UV-LED (UV Control 4C LED)
  • Full UV intensity in mW/cm² + Dose in mJ/cm²
  • Temperature in °C / °F (UV Control 4CT)
  • Storage of all measured values on SD card
  • Colour display for graphical and numerical display of the measured values
  • PC software with many user-friendly features
 Measuring range  1 to 2,000 mW/cm² (UV-A, -B, -C, -VIS)
1 to 20,000 mW/cm² (= 20 W/cm²) (UV LED)
Sampling rate  10 msec (100 measurements / sec.) 
Recording cycle  30 to 400 sec. (selectable) 
Accuracy ± 5% 
Display  TFT colour disdplay 40 x 31,5 mm 
Power source  LiPo rechargeable battery, charging via USB cable Auto-Off after 1 minute 
Dimensions / weight  140 x 65 x 12 mm (5.5” x 2,6” x ½”) / approx. 230g (8 ounce) 
Temperature range  32 to 230° F / 0 to 110° C (UV Control 4CT) 
Memory card  SDHC (SD 2.0; 4…32 GB) 
Operating temperature  32° to 113° F / 0 to 45° C, ambient temp. max. 230 °F / 110 °C for 10sec. 
Scope of delivery  UV Control; plastic case, built in LiPo rechargeable battery, USB able (2m), PC software, SD card, manual,  
Calibration Calibration is conform to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and can be traced back to PTB (Phys. Technische Bundesanstalt). Each UV Control Integrator is certified. 

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