UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat
UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat

UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat
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The CureUV Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat provides a clear wet-looking protective coat that adds depth and brings out the beauty that lies beneath.

This glossy layer does much more than just protect your works, thanks to its composition, the Premium Clear Wet-Looking Topcoat also provides superior bonding strength for other UV Coatings, such as our:


  • Add depth and a smooth clear coat
  • Thin finish thickness
  • Superior scratch resistance
  • 100% Solids - NO VOC's (Green-Friendly Technology)
  • Always in stock and 24/7 ordering availability
  • Available in 1, 5, and 55 Gallons

Technical Data Sheet:

Safety Data Sheet:

Coverage: If applied by instructions, each gallon of wet-look covers 700-800 square feet at 1 mil. We recommend you use between 1 and 2 mil but naturally, the heavier you utilize the wet-look, the lower the coverage footage.

UV Cure Coatings Description Sheet (PDF)

UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat MSDS (PDF)

UV Finish Application Guidelines (PDF)

Customer Reviews

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Bill Rini - Arcwood Custom Guitars
Clear Coat gives a perfect finish

I swore by nitro but the premium wet look finish is a perfect finish for our little guitar shop, easy to apply and easy to sand and buff. It truly gives us that wet-look we were looking for without changing the tone of the guitar at all and the finish quality is very tough to scratch.

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Ask a Question
  • How many square feet can you get out of a gallon of your products?

    As with most things of this sort, your mileage may vary depending on your usage and technique but if you were to spray it 3 mil in thickness, you would get 500 square feet out of it. As you may know, UV coatings are unlike any other items in the industry because they are 100% solid which means that there is no loss due to degassing or evaporation. It’s not like standard paint that you can leave open and a quarter of it disappears. With UV coatings, whatever you put down actually stays on your product. 

  • Hi, Can this product be used as an adhesive on plastic and glass? Once it is applied and used as an adhesive would it expand over time? How long does it take for UV light to cure? I need a product that can adhere from plastic to glass and not expand. If this product can't do the job can you recommend one that will.

    For adhering glass to plastic we recommend using a product designed for that function. The Loctite 3355 One-Part Epoxy is the ideal product for that kind of application. https://www.cureuv.com/products/loctite-3355-one-part-epoxy-compatible-with-ceramic-glass-metal-and-plastic-materials

  • What is the shelf life of products? Does it come in quart sizes?

    Our UV Wet-Look Topcoats have a shelf-life of up to one year if stored in a cold, dry place. We only offer coatings by the gallon.