UV Quartz Plate - Integration Technology SubZero 085A UV Quartz Plate
UV Quartz Plate - Integration Technology SubZero 085A UV Quartz Plate Integration Technology SubZero 085A UV Quartz Plate

Integration Technology SubZero 085A UV Quartz Plate
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Guaranteed 100% Ultraviolet (UV) Clear Quartz Replacement Plate compatible for UV Integration Technology SubZero 085A (6.38 inches x 1.88 inches x 2mm)

The UV Integration Technology Subzero 085A UV Quartz Plate is a 100% guaranteed UV quartz plate that exceeds OEM standards of performance. The clear fused replacement plate is 100% compatible to the UV Integration Technology SubZero with the following part numbers:

  • SO 085A
  • SO085A
  • SO085-A
  • SO 085-A
  • S0 085A
  • S0 085-A
  • S0085A
  • S0085-A
  • S0-085A
  • SO-085A
  • S0-085-A
  • SO-085-A
  • SubZero 085A
  • SubZero 085-A
  • UVQP/18063

System Application 

  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-08F
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-10FFW
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-10FRW
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-12F
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-12S
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-14SFW
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-14SRW
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-16F
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-16SFWFV
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2616-16SRWRV
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2630-16SFWW
  • DYSS - Apollo GF2630-20FMW
  • DYSS - Apollo GH1600-08F
  • DYSS - Apollo GH1600-08SF
  • DYSS - Apollo GH1600-08SR
  • DYSS - Apollo GH1600-10FM
  • DYSS - Apollo GH1600-12S
  • DYSS - Apollo GH1600-12SFWFV
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2200-08F
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2200-08SF
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2200-08SR
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2200-10FM
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2200-12S
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2200-16SFWFV
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2600-08F
  • DYSS- Apollo GH2600-08SF
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2600-08SR
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2600-10FM
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2600-12S
  • DYSS - Apollo GH2600-12SFWFV
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP18/3202-KC
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP18/3204-KC
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP18/3206-KC
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP1804-KL
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP1806-KL
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP1808-KL
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP3204-KL
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP3204-KM
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP3206-KL
  • DYSS - Apollo PTP3208-KL
  • DYSS - Apollo PZ 3208-KX
  • DYSS - Apollo PZ3204-KX
  • DYSS - Apollo PZ3206-KX
  • DYSS - Apollo R160
  • DYSS - Apollo R220

The replacement plate has the following dimensions:

  • 6.38 inches x 1.88 inches x 2mm (162mm x 48mm x 2mm)

Technical Data Sheets:

CureUV Quartz Glass Plate Transmission Graph

The quartz plate from UV Integration Technology is subject to strict quality control measures. While a normal glass plate will not be able to withstand high temperatures, a quartz plate is extremely resistant to heat. This is why it is a preferred choice in UV replacement curing lamps. The replacement lamp helps in drying coatings and inks in signs and graphics and is an important component of the drying system. The curing lamp on the other hand is a better option than infra red drying as it resists smudges. The quartz plate protects lamps from debris and works as a filter between the lamp and the curing system. The plate prevents dirt, grit and contaminants from building up.

*All UV quartz plates listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell UV Integration Technology brand UV quartz plates. All UV Integration Technology brand names, trademarks and logos are property of UV Integration Technology.

*Warning: Ultraviolet UV light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

Note: CureUV.com stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.


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