UV Sanitizing Box
UV Sanitizing Box UV Sanitizing Box UV Sanitizing Box UV Sanitizing Box UV Sanitizing Box UV Sanitizing Box UV Sanitizing Box

UV Sanitizing Box
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UV Sanitizing Box

Keep Your Small Items Clean Wherever You Go. Phones, Masks, etc. This UV Sanitizing Box Will Get the Job Done!


  • Kills up to 99.9% of viruses and allergens allowing for a deep sanitation for whatever you leave inside. Keeping your items thoroughly clean.

  • Contains a Dual UV Bulb inside allowing for a faster sanitation process and coverage inside the box.
  • No Chemicals involved creating a much safer sanitation solution. 

  • Lightweight and compact. Perfect for Travel.

  • Digital display with time. Set your time and have confidence your items are being sanitized. 

  • Great fit for personal small items such as phones, masks, jewelry and more.
  • Simple and straight forward design for maximum ease of use.


  • Size: 206(L)x130.6(W)x52(H)mm
  • Weight: About 377g
  • UVC Lamp: 4W DC Lamp x 2pcs
  • UV Wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm)
  • UV strength: > 3000u W/cm^2 x 2 times
  • Power Supply: DC 5V 1A USB Cable for charging(included)
  • Sterilizing time: 10-20 seconds
  • UV Bulb Lifetime: Up to 10000 hours
  • Working Temperature: 0-30
  • Storage Temperature: -20-55

More About the UV Sanitizing Box

When it comes to germs they are very common among the devices and items we come in contact with every day. Even the smallest items can contain a huge amount of bacteria all around them that can be harmful.  With the UV Sanitizing Box, you will be able to kill 99.9% of Bacteria, Viruses, Germs, Allergens, and Molds from your environment.  This device has been tested in a lab for its ability to maintain high industry quality for UV technology. It's laboratory-proven to eliminate up to 99% of MRSA and H1N1 in just a few seconds. With two UV Bulbs at the upper and bottom levels creating the utmost effectiveness of killing power. Contains digital display for visual representation.  Having the UV Sanitizing Box is perfect for Cellphones, Keys, Watches, Jewelry, glasses, toothbrushes, etc. 


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