UVC Dosimeter Label
UVC Dosimeter Label UVC Dosimeter Label

UVC Dosimeter Label
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A Great Method to Get A Nice Indication of Your UVC energy!

Key Features:

  • Real simple to Use

  • Accurate and Visual representation of UVC energy.


The UVC Dosimeter is simple yet effective way to measure UVC Energy. Easy to understand instructions on the back of the label allows you to measure accumulated UV dose no problem at all. Each Dosimeter on the label can be seen 50 mJ/cm^2 to 100 mJ/cm^2. With key information on the label as well such as the date, time, operator, and lastly the location right on one card


(If a card has been pre-exposed to light before use the card should be disposed of.)


Ask a Question
  • How long to ship the UVC Dosimeter Label? What are the shipping options?

    Hello Ben,

    The shipping time for the Dosimeter Label is same day shipping once we get the order.
    We only work with UPS...shipping options (without shipping fee) would be UPS ground or Priority mail.

  • Does fluorescent or incandescent lighting affect dosimeter cards? Should those lights be off when sanitation with UVC is being done?


    Thank you for your patience...Flourescent and Incandescent lighting will not affect the Dosimeter Cards. 
    If there are any other questions we can answer let us know.

    Stay Safe,
    Shirley - CureUV Team Member