GermAwayUV - UV-C Visualizer Kit
GermAwayUV - UV-C Visualizer Kit GermAwayUV - UV-C Visualizer Kit GermAwayUV - UV-C Visualizer Kit

UV-C Visualizer Kit
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Use these UVC reactive strips to ensure that you are applying sufficient germicidal UVC light to a specific location.

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The UV-C segment of ultraviolet light does a great job of eradicating harmful bacteria, mold, viruses, and other germs. The UV-C light penetrates the DNA structure of these microorganisms and breaks it down, rendering them harmless to humans. Having said that, using UV-C for chemical free disinfection can be a bit tricky the first time. When you clean with harmful chemicals, you can always smell the fumes. When you clean actual macroscopic dirt off you can see the difference visually. However, when disinfecting with UV-C light, you cannot see what is actually happening. 

This is why we are proud to bring to you the GermAwayUV UV-C Visualizer. The visualizer is a simple set of cards with a small UV-C strip that changes color when it has been sufficiently irradiated. The first time you clean with a UV-C system, simply place the card on the surface you are disinfecting and clean as per the instructions. 

Each kit comes with 3 cards. 

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  • The UV-C Visualizer card, Can it be reused, and if so how many times can it be reused before replacement?

    Hello, unfortunately once the UV-C card is exposed to sufficient UV-C light, it cannot be used again. The photosensitive elements are pretty much useless after exposure. Have a great day!

  • What dose does the UVC Visualiser colour change represent? How green does it need to get for say 60mJ/cm2

    27mj cm2