UV Curing Lamp - UViterno Part # A6624 UV Curing Lamp Bulb

UViterno Part # A6624 UV Curing Lamp Bulb
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Guaranteed 100% Compatible Replacement Ultraviolet (UV) Lamp - Mercury Wavelength - 14.5 Inch Arc Length - 18.5 Inch Total Length (end to end)

The Uviterno Part # A6624 UV Curing Lamp Bulb is a 100% compatible UV replacement lamp bulb that is filled with mercury and has an arc length of 14.5 inches. With a total length of 18.5 inches, the 400 WPI lamp bulb exceeds OEM standards of UV curing bulb performance. The lamp bulb is compatible to the Uviterno UV systems and specifically to the following part numbers:

  • A6624
  • H14K4F1
  • UVL/1440

There is an increase in the demand for UV curing bulbs in the print industry, as it is primary for the drying system. When you use a good quality curing lamp you are sure of better results than infra red drying. The UV curing bulb resists smudges and does not release volatile organic compounds in the air that is rampant in heat drying. Using light instead of heat helps in hardening and drying the ink instantly and reduces the risk of environmental pollution. The result of which is greater productivity, lower production costs and high printing quality. The quartz plate in the UV lamp helps in withstanding high temperatures and the mercury filled UV lamps are subject to strict quality control measures to ensure the best. The replacement light bulb helps in curing ink on coated and uncoated materials such as MDF, wood, plastic, composites, and tile.

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: Mercury
  • Arc Length: 14.5 inches
  • Total Length: 18.5 inches
  • Tube Diameter: 23mm
  • Watts Per Inch: 400 WPI

*Hg - Lamp contains mercury - manage in accordance with your local disposal laws by visiting: www.lamprecycle.org

*All lamps listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell UViterno brand lamps. All UViterno brand names, trademarks and logos are property of UViterno.

*Warning: Ultraviolet light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

Note: CureUV.com stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.

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