Germicidal UV Bulbs - Viqua 799932638039 Replacement UVC Light Bulb

Viqua 799932638039 Replacement UVC Light Bulb
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100% Guaranteed Replacement UV Bulb - 4 Pins with Barriers on a Single end - 22 Watts - 8.9 Inch Length Lamp - Worry Free Performance for 1 Year

The Viqua 799932638039 Replacement UVC Light Bulb is a 100% guaranteed replacement UV bulb. This 4 pins with barriers on a single end is a 22 watts bulb. The lamp has a length of 8.9 Inch and gives you worry free performance for 1 year.

High on quality, the fixture has a long lifespan and is low on mercury dosage. The low pressure mercury arc lamp emits a radiation of 253.7 nm that inactivates the genetics of the microorganisms present in water.

This method of water treatment requires no handling of chemicals and does not need any specialized storage. There is no change in odor, taste and pH or the chemistry of water, which is why this is a preferred method of treatment from chemicals and their byproducts. It is established that UV light at the wavelength of 253.7nm can kill harmful microorganisms such as E.coli, giardia and cryptosporidium that can cause harm.

The light bulb is compatible with germicidal OEM air, and water disinfection filter, UV sanitizer and ultraviolet purifiers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Lamp Wattage: 22 Watts
  • Peak UV Output: 253.7nm
  • Total Length: 8.9 inches (226mm)
  • Base Style: 4 pin with barrier, extended round base on a single end
  • Rated Life: Up to 10,000 hours
    Spectral Output of Germicidal UVC Light Bulbs

    Spectral Output of Germicidal UVC Light Bulbs (PDF)

    *Hg - Lamp contains mercury - manage in accordance with your local disposal laws by visiting:

    *All lamps listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell Viqua brand lamps. All Viqua brand names, trademarks and logos are property of Viqua.

    Note: stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.

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