Germicidal UV Bulbs - Viqua IHS22-E4 Replacement UVC Light Bulb

Viqua IHS22-E4 UV Light Bulb for Germicidal Water Treatment
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4 Pins with Barriers on a Single end - 68 Watts - 24.84 Inch Length Lamp - Worry Free Performance for 1 Year

The Viqua IHS22-E4 Authentic UVC Light Bulb is a 4-pin with barrier, extended round base on a single-end germicidal bulb that is used in germicidal OEM Water sterilization filters, UV sanitizers, and water purifiers. The water treatment bulb features a long life and low mercury dosage that meets environmental demands.

The short wavelength emitted by the light bulb manages to alter the genetic structure of the microorganisms and renders them harmless. The UV light bulb can run for 10,000 hours. It requires an annual replacement to maintain its efficiency though it may continue to emit light.

We offer two versions of this UV-C bulb; a good quality foreign-made generic replacement unit and an ultra-high quality US-made unit. Both lights are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with the Viqua IHS22-E4

The UV lamp starts instantly and makes use of a coil filament that operates hot. It is used in the following:

  • Well water
  • Drinking water
  • Surface water
  • Municipal water
  • Wastewater
  • Food service/processing
  • Beverage service/processing
  • Hospitals
  • Aquaculture
  • Pools, Spas and Water Features
  • Chemicals
  • Oil, Gas and Power
  • Pulp, paper and wood
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hotels
  • Water bottlers
  • Laboratories
  • Marine and more

Technical Specifications:

  • Lamp Wattage: 68 Watts
  • Peak UV Output: 253.7nm
  • Total Length: 24.84 inches (631mm)
  • Base Style: 4 pin with barrier, extended round base on a single end
  • Rated Life: Up to 10,000 hours
    Spectral Output of Germicidal UVC Light Bulbs
    Spectral Output of Germicidal UVC Light Bulbs (PDF)

    *Hg - Lamp contains mercury - manage in accordance with your local disposal laws by visiting:

    Note: CureUV brand products are 100% compatible with the original equipment.

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