Viqua VP600 UVC Water Sterilizer
Viqua VP600M UV Water Sterilizer with added water monitoring system UVC Water Purifier with Monitoring System Installation guide for Viqua UV water purifier Viqua VP600 UVC Water Sterilizer

Viqua VP600 & VP600M Commercial UV Water Sanitizer
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These devices are part of the Viqua Professional line of UV water sanitizing products and suited for larger commercial commercial applications such as restaurants, hotels, bars, schools, daycare's and much more!

Don't be fooled by the compact design these systems can pump out a massive 24gpm (gallons per minute) while providing outstanding UV disinfection making them ideal for larger point of entry applications.

A high output UV bulb, one of most powerful in it's class, and a redesigned 'S' style UV chamber make for a low footprint system which can be installed in confined areas where other systems simply wouldn't fit.

The UVC light generated breaks down the DNA quickly, safely and without the need for harmful chemicals eradicating any potentially harmful virus or pathogens present in your complete water supply.

The VP600M has the added feature of a UV Lamp Monitor, this alerts you if for any reason the lamp stops working or the efficiency drops below required levels.


  • Built in countdown to monitor lamp hours remaining with an audible alarm for lamp change reminder
  • Constant current feature on the ballast ensures stable UV lamp output, regardless of power influenza virusctuations
  • High-performance High Output UV lamp, provides consistent output over the entire lamp life (9000 hours)
  • High UV output lamp and 'S' style chamber design allows for a smaller footprint, while providing the same UV performance as a longer chamber
  • Audible alarm alerts user if UV lamp fails
  • Lamp changes can be preformed without interruption to water-flow and without the need for tools
Disinfection Flow Rates
16mJ/Cm2 40 GPM (150 lpm)
30mJ/Cm2 24 GPM (91 lpm)
40mJ/Cm2 18 GPM (66 lpm)
Dimensions 30 2/3" x 3 1/2" (78cm x 8.9cm)
Shipping Weight 19 lbs (8.6 kg)
Connection Size 1" MNPT (2B-BSP)
Power Consumption 70W

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