VTI # 11J05504 Replacement UV Curing Lamp / Bulb

VTI # 11J05504 Replacement UV Curing Lamp / Bulb
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Replacement Ultraviolet Curing Bulb for VTI, part number 11J05504

This replacement bulb is fully compatible for use in VTI systems model number A48060-573-OM-1P-06-160, requiring part number 11J05504. This replacement has the same arc length, curing power and fitting specifications as the original bulb. And with our affordable prices this bulb offers the perfect cost effective alternative to keep your VTI system running at full capacity. 

Bulb Application

  • Compatible Curing Function 

Like the original bulb this replacement has the exact same high UV output. This ensures that you'll be able to have a quick and quality curing finish. With the mercury fill UV production, your coating and printing resin will dry instantaneously and crisply. 

  • Long Lasting Bulb 

With at least 600 hours of guaranteed use our replacement bulbs offer you and your business the same value for money as the original bulbs. 

Bulb Specifications 

Spectrum: HG
Length: 26.2 inch (665 mm)
Arc Length: 22 inch (550 mm)
Lifetime: 600 hours 

I’m not sure if this is what I need for my VTI system?

Makes sense. Finding the right replacement part can be tricky fortunately for you we’ve got a wide range of replacement bulbs that you can always take a closer look at:

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But if you’d rather just make sure you’re getting the right curing bulb then why not just drop us a line at sales@cureuv.com or call us on our toll free line (561) 243-8442.


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