Water Purifier - Audio Alarm

Water Purifier - Audio Alarm: 120-230v 50/60Hz
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Add another line of security to your existing water purifier to audibly alert you of any issues.

The U.S Public Health Service recommends the use of an audible alarm on all UV Water Purifiers, this alerts users and operators to any potential problems with the lamps of ballasts. 

This alarm simply plugs directly into the Safety Sentry Sensor and goes straight to work by adding another line of defense.  Should a lamp or ballast fail at any point the Alarm will signal with a loud pulsating beeping until turned off.


  • Voltage: 120 - 230V AC 50 or 60 Hz
  • Tone Frequency: 2.8 kHz + /- 0.5 kHz.
  • Pulse Rate: Approx. 1 per Second Pulse
  • Duration: Approx. 1 per Second
  • Decibal Output: 110 dbs at 10 centimeters (4”),
  • Enclosure: Black ABS High impact resistant Plastic.
  • Size: 1.6”H x 2.0”W x 3.9” L. 
  • Weight: 6 oz. (with cable & plug)
  • Mounting Centers: 3.5” 
  • Power Plug: 2-pin NEMA Cable Length: 36” approx.


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