Resin - Waterborne/UV Finish - Satin Topcoat - UV Cure Hardwood Floor - 5 Gallons

Waterborne/UV Finish - Satin Topcoat - UV Cure Hardwood Floor
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This Waterborne/UV curable satin topcoat adds to the depth and beauty of wood flooring and makes the finisher competitive, while allowing profitability. It is easy to apply the self-sealing topcoat and the instant curing allows for increased productivity, less error and your customers can leave in the morning to return the same day with NO solvent smells and furniture back in place.

This hybrid technology allows surface build similar to a conventional lacquer appearance but with the chemical and physical resistance that only UV cured coatings can provide. The finish achieved with UV curable coatings is simply beautiful and the physical properties are exceptional in durability and resistance to abrasion, water and chemicals that are superior to conventional coatings. The water content must be evaporated followed by UV curing.

This product requires curing with a medium pressure mercury UV System producing at least 500 mW/cm2 of intensity. We recommend utilizing our Total-Cure1100s or the Total-Cure 2400 or a medium pressure mercury UV Curing Conveyor for optimal results.

Waterborne UV Cure Sealer Topcoat MSDS (PDF)


  • Guaranteed More Coverage per Gallon
  • 100% UV curable products don't evaporate or shrink
  • Dry Instantly with UV Light - No Wait time
  • No Mixing and ready to use right out of container
  • No VOC's, No Solvent Smells and Non-Flammable
  • Significantly more resistant to scratches, abrasion and wearing than out-dated conventional finishing products
UV Cure Process: Hardwood Floor Refinishing Techniques:

UV Cure for Wood Floor Refinishing:

Coatings are non-returnable and non-refundable

You can also view this video and find other helpful wood finishing information in our video resource center.

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  • can this be used on a polycarbonate plastic without attacking it?

    Dale, our Waterborne/UV finish satin topcoat should not be used on a polycarbonate plastic.

  • Can Waterborne/UV Finish - Satin Topcoat be used for Exterior Hardwood Doors? If so, does it need UV Cure Adhesion Promoter Insulator Sealer as a base coat?

    This UV Finish is designed for indoor/instrument application only. It is not suitable for outdoors.