Wyckomar RL-100/1197T6 Compatible UVC Replacement Bulb

Wyckomar RL-100/1197T6 Compatible UVC Replacement Bulb
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4 Pins on a Single End - 100 Watt Germicidal Water Treatment Bulb

The Wyckomar HO Replacement UVC Light Bulb has 4 pins on a  single end germicidal bulb. The 100 Watt replacement light bulb has a total length of 47.12 inches. The air/water treatment bulb has a lamp voltage of 120V and is set in a non-ozone glass type. With ceramic as its base material, the UVC light bulb has a peak output of 253.7nm and works for the following replacement bulb models:

  • RL-100 / 1197T5
  • UV-6000
  • RL-30/60/T6

Researchers are of the opinion that UV water purification provides a safe solution as this method of sterilization is a purely physical process and does not alter the pH, chemistry or taste of water. This method is both economic and environmental friendly and is a much better option to chemicals and their bi-products.


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