AGFA Anapurna and Beyond – Replacement UV Lamps

We are constantly trying to keep our website updated with the latest products for your wide format digital Inkjet printers. If you are in the market for any AGFA Anapurna UV lamps cureUV can offer you replacements at competitive pricing. At this moment we carry three styles of UV Replacement lamps for the MV, MW, and M2 digital printers. We also offer clear fused quartz polished plates for the Anapurna M2 System.

Cure UV also offers a variety of industrial, electrodeless, and digital UV replacement bulbs. Do you see your replacement lamp on our website? If your answer was no, we are offering huge savings if you can send us a sample. Help us expand our product line and we would gladly reciprocate the gesture and offer a generous discount on the next order you place with us. Dealing with the OEM’s can prove to be pricey and lengthy. CureUV can help you with those problems. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time, we are available 24/7.

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