UV – The Cure for more than meets the eye
UV has a wide spectrum of uses in everyday life. What commonly seems to go unnoticed is that UV Light is barely visible to the human eye. The spectrum of visible light to the human eye is referred to as UVV. The useful UV wavelengths for photo initiated responses are in the UVA, UVB and UVC bandwidths. These UV Bandwidths evolve into more and more uses on a daily basis. Reference this article for even a more expanded use of UV light. Usefulness such as skin tanning to curing or moderating skin conditions such as psoriasis. Photoinitiation has a variety of usefulness from scientific to beauty applications. Creating cell growth or reorganization to clear coat UV gels for finger nail manicures. UVC bandwidth offers the element of DNA disruption commonly used for germicidal applications and even ozone generation. This Wikipedia explanation shows how Mother Natures creation of Ultraviolet Light is the most single diversified element has the benefit of unlimited healing and curing property’s.

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