GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer w/ Amber UV Glasses
GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer w/ Amber UV Glasses GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer w/ Amber UV Glasses GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer w/ Amber UV Glasses GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer w/ Amber UV Glasses

GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer w/ Amber UV Glasses
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GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer 

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This 18-watt handheld UV-C surface sanitizer offers you a highly effective sanitizing performance that eliminates all microbial contaminants including bacteria, viruses, mold, and other fungi, at a great value price. Now we introduce our more affordable handheld UV sanitizer that still maintains power levels similar to our more professional UV sanitizers. Due to the costly nature of components and necessary custom machining, this had not been possible until now!


  • Two 9-watt UV-C sanitizer bulbs warranted to produce UV light in the 253.7 nanometers (nm) wavelength
  • Highly efficient reflector design that works in a more concentrated area of coverage, giving it an effective power close to that of the 35-watt handheld when used at the same distances from a surface
  • 6-foot cord adequate for most applications but the handheld unit can be used with virtually any simple power extension.

We are very excited to announce our dual-bulb 18-watt UV-C surface sanitizer! Only $99.99 with free shipping throughout the contiguous US, and representing a low cost for watts/dollar, this is the perfect tool to disinfect and sanitize critical surfaces like tables, desks, computer keyboards, and the more used everyday surfaces where bacteria and viruses congregate.

Whether you want to sanitize bathrooms, door handles, and kitchen countertops to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms in your household, or simply want to add an extra layer of cleanliness and protection to your cleaning procedures, this lightweight and ergonomically designed 18-watt UV-C sanitizer will give you what you need.

How does it work?

To turn the unit on, simply flick 1 switch, wait 5 seconds, then flick the second switch. After 10 seconds, you will have full UV-C intensity.


  • Power Supply: 120VAC/60Hz
  • Usage: Home or business
  • Wattage: 18 Watts (2 bulbs of 9 watts each)
  • Bulb Length: 5" (127 mm)
  • Lamp Lifespan: Up to 10,000 hours or 1 year
  • Peak UV Output: 253.7nm
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • UV Glasses Included

UV Intensity in mW/cm2 for the 18 Watt Handheld Sanitizer using a Digital UVC Light Meter (General UV512C) from 1" to 24" away


All GermAwayUV products carry a 1-year warranty.

Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Do not look directly at the bulb and always use appropriate personal protective equipment when utilizing this tool. UV Glasses are included.  



UV-C Safety Basics:

We strongly recommend that you use our safety glasses to be sure you're protecting your eyes with high-quality and tested products.

If you have any questions or would like more information about this or any of our products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-977-7292 or via email at We would love to hear from you!

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  • where is this made?

    Hello, thanks for the question. The handheld base and ballast are made in China. We then modify the base and some electrical components and add a few components (including the bulbs) in Delray Beach, Florida. The bulbs are made in Poland generally speaking but there are a few versions that have Asian bulbs as well. Hope this is helpful.

  • What are the dimensions of the handheld unit? Thx..


    Thank you for reaching out....the Dimensions of the 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sanitizer is : 2 inches Wide, 5 is the handle...14 overall .

    I hopes this helps,
    The CureUV Team

  • How long does the light have to make contact with the surface in order to kill the covid virus?


    Thank you for reaching out....the 18W Handheld once the light makes contact with the surface it should only take about 5-10min to kill any bacteria or Viruses (including COVID). Even then it shouldn't take that long. It also depends on how far you are to what your are trying to sterilize. The closer you are to the surface the quicker the sterilization process is.

    Stay Safe,
    Shirley - CureUV Team Member

  • I noticed your 18 watt UV-C sterilizer hand held units are sold out ... when will you have new stock ?


    As of right now we have plenty of the GermAwayUV 18 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sterilizer w/ Amber UV Glasses in stock.

    Stay Safe,
    The CureUV Team

The GermAwayUV product line of UVC germicidal lights offer solutions for medical and commercial applications in need of UV disinfection lamps.

We have developed the exclusive GERM-AWAY UVC product line to provide something for everyone and matching the best product to the best application purpose. Providing what you need with an easy to choose selection. Covering UVC applications from indoor surface, single room, complete home, business, and medical to any public area, has the right portable, mobile, permanent, or travel product for you.