Chimiver Ecofast UV LED water-based Curing Lacquer for Wooden Floors

Chimiver Ecofast UV LED water-based Curing Lacquer for Wooden Floors
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Upgrade your wooden floors with CHIMIVER ECOFAST UV, a single-component water-based LED curing lacquer that utilizes a 395 nm LED wavelength for optimal performance. Its high resistance to foot traffic and abrasion makes it ideal for high wear environments, and it can be easily cross-linked with Walk Behind UV LED Floor Curing System. Get quickly usable wood flooring with CHIMIVER ECOFAST UV LED.

Why choosing LED systems?

The modern world is changing at a rapid pace, and sustainability is now crucially important. Merely creating new products and streamlining business processes is not enough; it must be done responsibly by fostering a cohesive network within the supply chain. Chimiver is committed to being a leader in the global shift towards ecological transition, recognizing its significance on all levels.


  • Mixture ratio: Single-component.
  • Application temperature: 50°F ÷ 77°F.
  • Application: 0.31 in microfiber roller.
  • Thinning: Water (suggested 5% - max 10%)
  • Coverage: 2.82 to 3.52 oz per square foot. 
  • pH: 7,5 ÷ 8,5
  • Flash-Of: 40'-60 (at 68°F and 65% R.H.)
  • Gloss level: 5
  • Wood oxidation: Light.
  • Storage stability: 6 months.

How to Use Chimiver Ecofast UV-LED:

  • After preparing the wood and sanding it with 120/150 grit paper, use a roller to apply the first coat of the product. Wait for the water to completely evaporate for at least 1 hour before proceeding to cross-linking with LED lamps with Walk Behind UV LED Floor Curing System.
  • Sand ECOFAST UV LED with 220/320 grit paper and then apply the second coat of ECOFAST UV LED and wait for the complete evaporation of the water.
  • Proceed again to crosslink with LED lamps, sand with 320 grit paper or alternatively scotch brite bordeaux, and apply the third coat of ECOFAST UVLED if necessary.
  • Wait for the water to evaporate completely and then proceed to the LED light curing with Walk Behind UV LED Floor Curing System.
  • The floor is immediately walkable.


  • No VOCs, No Solvent Smells, and Non-Flammable
  • 100% UV-curable products don't evaporate or shrink
  • Recommended Usage: Wooden floors 


Technical Data Sheet:



Conversion table
1 Liter 0.26 Gallon
5 Liters 1.32 Gallons



If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, feel free to reach out at or call us at (561) 243-8442.

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