GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier
GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier

GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier
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Chemical-free home AC sterilization has never been this powerful! Introducing the GermAwayUV 72 Watt Heavy-Duty Dual Bulb Anti-Allergen HVAC UV Air Purifier

At, the air that our families breathe is one of the most important items on our priorities list. Every single employee here has installed some sort of UV Air purifier at home for this purpose. It is a technology that works while still being affordable. The UV-C system's wavelength of 253.7 nm breaks down the DNA of allergens, pathogens, and other harmful microbes while the AC system in your home does the work of cycling the air through the system.

We have carried various HVAC UV-C systems for a long time but we started out thinking that cheapest was always better. In order to get our products into the highest number of homes as possible, we carried items from various vendors that were all under $250. The premise was that most homes could make an effort and afford this system to improve their air quality and thereby their quality of life. Still, we noticed that some of the systems we carried were truly under-powered. Systems of 9 and 18 watts that might be suitable for a very small studio apartment were being installed into 2,400 square foot homes. What is more, we had trouble even finding a supplier that provided a system strong enough for us to sell it to larger homes and apartments comfortably (at least 24 or 36 watts).

Eventually, this led us to the product you are looking at now. We realized that much like in drag racing where there is no replacement for displacement (the larger the engine, the faster the car in general terms), when it comes to ENSURING that the air in our homes was safe, there is no substitute for wattage and exposure. In other words, the UV-C bulbs must be situated in a way that virtually all air in the duct comes in contact with them and the bulbs must be strong enough to actually kill the harmful microbes in the short amount of time it comes in contact with them. Still, we wanted to make sure that the system stayed under the $250 price threshold and maintained the ease-of-use and reliability that our line is known for.

After much development, we are proud to offer to the market for the first time our Heavy Duty Dual Bulb Anti-Allergen HVAC Air Purifier featuring a full 72 Watts to ensure that all air flow gets hit by the sterilizing power of the UV-C spectrum.

As with all of our GermAwayUV line, the bulbs are guaranteed for at least a year and the product comes with clear, easy to understand installation instructions that virtually any DIYer could follow along with phone and web tech support if needed. 

Any questions about this or any other GermAwayUV Item? Feel free to drop us a line at or give us a call during business hours between 8am and 4:30pm EST. We look forward to hearing from you!


Key Features:
  • Dual bulb design ensures that the UV-C lights hit all of the air that passes through the duct.
  • 72 Watt system is most powerful home HVAC system in the market.
  • Easy Installation in forced-air heating and cooling systems
  • Provides a line of defense against spreading airborne pathogens through the HVAC system
  • Exclusive safety features
  • Sealed design prevents contact with voltage and UV rays
  • Fastest UVC lamp replacement in the market
  • Lamp replacement indicator to ensure your system is always up and running.

DIY HVAC installation instructions 

UVC Disinfection Chart for Germ-Away Products (PDF)

DIY Installation Video:




GermAwayUV-chemical free ultraviolet disinfection

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  • Can you provide installation instructions on line?

    Installation instructions for the DIY 18W HVAC air purifier are available above as a PDF or you can view them here.