UVC Germicidal - 36W Upper Air Wall Mount UV Room Air Purifier
UVC Germicidal - 36W Upper Air Wall Mount UV Room Air Purifier UVC Germicidal - 36W Upper Air Wall Mount UV Room Air Purifier UVC Germicidal - 36W Upper Air Wall Mount UV Room Air Purifier

36W Upper Air Wall Mount UV Room Air Purifier
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8-9 Ft. Ceiling - Upper Air Wall Mount

At this point to the best of our knowledge, all Lumalier products have an 8-10 week lead time. 

The 36W upper air wall mount UV room air purifier cleans the air in a small room where wall mounting is preferred. The effective germicidal UV coverage area for the corner wall mount unit is 120 sq. feet. This UVC disinfection unit uses 1 Philips TUV PL-L 36W UV bulb.

Why choose upper air UVC purifiers? Upper air units are ideal for control of harmful airborne contamination in high-risk or congregate areas. With this system you will smell the difference and will no longer need to use toxic air fresheners because your house or office will smell fresh and clean.

The EPA says indoor air quality is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and even greater in high traffic areas. This hospital grade UV-C (254nm) system destroys 99.9% of harmful airborne viruses, bacteria, molds, protozoa, and yeasts. This UV air purifier neutralizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) caused by air cooling or heating systems, pesticides, building materials, cabinetry, furniture, damp carpet, air fresheners or cleaning product fumes.

  • 1-Lamp Unit
  • Brushed aluminum and stainless steel housing
  • Durable powder coating added to the fixture's exterior surface for a standard clean white finish
  • Convenient wall mount design
  • 180-degree irradiation UV disinfection zone
  • Concentric powder coated flat black louvers with 1/4" spacing
  • Louver assemblies are hinged for simple and quick bulb changes
  • Standard on/off and safety cut-off switches
  • Minimum mounting height is 7'9"
  • Class P, HPF, CBM certified ballasts comply with Federal Ballast Law (Public Law 100-357, 1988)
  • 120-250 VAC 50/60 Hz operation using UNV ballasts
  • Produces zero ozone

  • UV Coverage Area: 120 sq. ft. w/ 10' radius
  • Width: 18-1/4 inches (463.5mm)
  • Overall Height: 4-3/4 inches (120.6mm)
  • Extension: 8-1/2 inches (215.9mm)
  • Wattage: 36 Watts
  • UV-C Wattage: 12 Watts
  • Replacement UV Bulbs (included): 1 Philips TUV PL-L 36W
  • UV Bulb Rated Life: Up to 9,000 hours
  • Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg.)

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  • Does this unit have a circulation fan and can people be in the room during operation?

    This unit does not have a circulation fan. It is safe to use in an occupied room as long as it is mounted high up on the wall since the UV light is projected on a flat plane only. If you would want a circulation fan in your unit I would recommend the following: https://www.cureuv.com/products/germawayuv-wall-mountable-heavy-duty-air-purifier