Germicidal UV Bulbs - Ushio - G30T8 Germicidal UV Light Bulb

Ushio - G30T8 Germicidal UV Light Bulb
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Guaranteed Replacement Ultraviolet (UV) Bulb - 35 Inch Length Lamp - Worry Free Performance for 1 Year

The Ushio - G30T8 Germicidal UV Light Bulb has a lamp length of 35 inch and gives you a worry-free performance for an entire year. The 30 watt UV bulb makes use of UV-C light to kill and inactivate bacteria, molds, virus, protozoa and yeast present in water.

The germicidal UV-C bulb comes with two pin on a double end base that helps in purifying water/air. The high quality fixture comes with a long lifespan and has low mercury dosage that helps in meeting environmental demands.

These low pressure mercury arc lamps emit a radiation of 253.7 nm that helps in inactivating microorganisms such as virus, yeast, molds and bacteria present in water.

The Ushio - G30T8 Germicidal UV Light Bulb is compatible with the following system number:

  • 3000009

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 893mm
  • Diameter: 25.5mm
  • Current: .355A
  • Volts: 99V
  • UV Output: 13.9W
  • Average Life: 8000 hours

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