LensBright Headlight Restoration

After 18 months of development and testing, CureUV is proud to bring you its line of LensBright Headlight Restorationproducts. Now you can instantly accomplish a like-new UV hardened surface to your old yellowed worn lenses. This will improve the look of your vehicle and is proven to drastically increase the brightness and clarity of your lights, making nighttime driving safer.

UV Headlight Restoration
I’m sure you have all seen the infomercials and multiple ‘magic’ solutions for headlight restoration available; you may have already tried them and been severely disappointed with the finished result. This is because the majority of their products merely covers the existing factory coating and tries to mask the dull yellow, faded lens. And to make matters worse they need re-applying on regular basis! Time to ditch the messy pastes and waxes! No more! Here’s how our easy 3 step system works:
  1. The LensBright Foaming Headlight Cleaner and sandpaper easily removes the old factory finish.
  2. Apply the LensBright Headlight Restorer using either the convenient aerosol or by HVLP spray gun if you want to quickly do multiple vehicles.
  3. Cure in seconds by using the LensBright UV Tripod Fixture or the Handheld UV Spotlight.

The results, you now have a quality, strong UV hardened coating to your lights that won’t fade, crack, discolor, or need re-application. Finally, here is a guaranteed solution, simple to accomplish with minimal effort and investment on your part. Check out cureUV.com to see the full line of products and our convenient kits. Whether you’re a ‘weekend warrior’ or in the automotive industry, we have a solution for you.

UV Headlight Restoration-3 Year Guarantee

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