Compact Sensor Cable - for Online Radiometer
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This Compact Sensor Cable, teflon shielded, is designed for the Online Radiometer as a replacement and for extra length needs.

The Compact Sensor Cable is specially designed for the needs of the Online Radiometer system. It can work with the standard Compact Sensor and the EMI Compact Sensor alike. These cables are teflon shielded for better signal reading.

All Compact Sensor come supplied with a 10 foot (3 meter) cable with the fitting of your choosing (DIN Rail, EMI DIN Rail, Intensity Display Mdule). These cables, however, can wear out over time or be damaged.

You can purchase a 10 foot cable with the fitting of your choosing as a replacement, or choose from other of the available lengths. 


The cable carries a low level signal, therefore, it should be kept as short as possible and away from high voltage power lines



Available fittings and lengths:


  DIN Rail Intensity Display Module EMI DIN Rail
10 feet x x x
20 feet x
25 feet x x




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