EMI Compact Sensor - Online Radiometer
EMI Compact Sensor - Online Radiometer EMI Compact Sensor - Online Radiometer

EMI Compact Sensor - Online Radiometer
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The EMI version of the Compact Sensor Online Radiometer not only provides continuous, real-time feedback on any system, it also provides Electro Magnetic Interference reduction for the most accurate readings


ATTENTION: EMI Compact Sensor is only available to use with a DIN Rail.

ATTENTION: Specify on cart sensor aperture size desired: 0.010, 0.035, or 0.0


What is EMI?

Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) is electrical noise that can be generated by any UV equipment.
Electrical noise can affect readings and make it seem like the sensor or the source is unstable.
The compact sensor cable, even with its shield, can pick up this noise if it is run alongside a high voltage line. This is why the EMI compact sensor and EMI DIN Rail have been "hardened," making them less susceptible to this interference.


Standard vs DIN Rail compact sensor


The EMI compact sensor and DIN rail have been designed with added circuitry to minimize electrical interference as much as possible.
The EMI compact sensor can be identified by the gold circle shown above.

For proper functioning, the EMI compact sensor must be grounded and connected to an EMI DIN Rail.

Note: If the EMI Compact Sensor is used with the Online Intensity Display Module, Standard DIN Rail and/ or two wire cable instead of EMI cable, there is no added EMI protection.



 On-Line System:

This system was designed to provide continuous, real-time feedback on any system. It is made in a compact size to access remote spaces.
The system measures the intensity as a relative of an absolute value (W/cm2). Gradual and sudden changes can be detected, making the user able to fix the issue before it affects production.
The online system can be used by itself or in conjunction with a NIST-traceable UV radiometer.

it is composed of two main parts:

- Compact Sensor (EMI or Standard)
- Signal Conditioning Unit: DIN Rail or  Display Module (Display Module not available for EMI use)


The online system is electro-optic based and can be used to monitor UV in situations where:

  • Space is limited
  • Lamps are enclosed or not easily accessible
  • Arms, rollers and/or blades are present
  • Fast production speeds make it difficult to get readings with a normal radiometer
  • UV conditions change rapidly due to off-gassing or contamination
  • If mall changes in UV can affect the finished product
  • The process window is tight
  • Validation of UV is required.


Compact Sensor:

 A small, robust, and stable sensor that is highly resistant* to solarization and has sealed optics to prevent fouling.

* As long as it is kept below 100 Celsius. See brochure below for placement options


This sensor is available as Standard, Nitrogen Purge, or BTR (Behind the Reflector)
The compact sensor is available in UVA, UVB, UVV, or UVC wavelength calibrations.
It is also available in High, Standard, or Low dynamic/operating range.

 Operating Range UVA UVB UVC UVV
High - Standard 302195-SHA 302195-SHB - 302195-SHV
High - Nitro Purge 302195-PHA 302195-PHB - 302195-PHV
Mid - Standard 302195-SMA 302195-SMB 302195-SMC 302195-SMV
Mid - Nitro Purge 302195-PMA 302195-PMB 302195-PMC 302195-PMV
Low - Standard 302195-SLA 302195-SLB 302195-SLC 302195-SLV
Low - Nitro Purge 302195-PLA 302195-PLB 302195-PLC 302195-PLV

* To determine which Dynamic Range is needed in your application, consider the power/output rating of the UV source, mounting location and the distance to the UV source


BTR size comparison

Note: For very limited space or high-temperature monitoring, Nitro Purge version with Quartz Rod is needed.



  • Hermetically sealed optics
  • Small squared body for easy installation
    • Difference in size between Behind The Reflector, nitro-purge enabled and standard shown above, respectively
  • Available in UVA, UVB, UVV, and UVC bands. 
  • Comes with a 10 ft cable of user-specified fitting (DIN Rail or Display Module compatible)



Online Radiometer SPECS



Online Radiometer Brochure Online Radiometer User's Guide  Product Warranty


NOTE: For replacement or longer cables see Compact Sensor Cable - for Online Radiometer

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