GermAwayUV - GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sterilizer
GermAwayUV - GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sterilizer GermAwayUV - GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sterilizer GermAwayUV - GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sterilizer GermAwayUV - GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sterilizer GermAwayUV - GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sterilizer GermAwayUV - GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sterilizer

GermAwayUV Premier 35 Watt Mountable UVC Surface Sanitizer
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Mountable UV-C Surface Disinfectant and Sanitizer

At this point we are moving as quickly as possible to fulfill all 35 watt mountable orders. Orders placed today should be fulfilled within 4-5 weeks as there is a backlog from the increased demand due to Coronavirus.

This GermAwayUV product, equipped with a premier UV-C 35 Watt bulb is an efficient way to disinfect those hard worked surfaces that require germicidal cleaning and disinfection. With no alcohol or chemicals, this device is much more effective than traditional wipes or sprays which typically contain chemicals, and is suitable for use across a range of industries. Its efficacy is as a result of the 254nm wavelength UV-C rays emitted from the lamp which are in turn enhanced and focused, by an electronically brightened reflector. These UV-C rays are strong enough to kill even the most resistant of bacteria and germs.









The bulb is available with a shatterproof coating that in case of damage keeps the lamp glass from falling into the unit where is installed. This results in an easy way to dispose of glass if it shatters. You can select this shatterproof option above.

Do I need shatterproof coating?

Although shatterproof coating can lower the intensity of the UV-C bulb by as much as 15%, it is recommended for applications in which it is crucial to avoid potential glass breakage at all costs. These applications include but are not limited to food processing and medical institutions. However, if glass breakage would be inconvenient but not catastrophic, skipping the costly shatterproof coating is quite alright. After all, we do not use shatterproof coating with our glasses and plates at home.

Technical Specifications: 

  •  Light wave length: UV-C 253.7nm 
  • Voltage Supply: 120V, 60 Hz 
  • Output: 35 Watts  
  • Device Dimension: 10.7" x 5.1" x 3.8" 
  • Bulb Length: 8.86"
  • Weight: 4 lbs.


Here at CureUV you can rest assured that we take your safety very seriously. So we’ve included guidelines and procedures of how to use the device so that you know exactly what you’ll be getting into. We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s easy to use!

One last feature that we think makes this product particularly useful is that you can use it on its own as a singular unit, or you can combine several units to create a chain of sanitizers for use over a long extended surface. 

The device can be used for the following surfaces

  • surfaces that come into contact with food – restaurants, in house kitchens at schools and assisted care facilities, food processing sites 
  • mold remediation
  • research laboratories
  • agricultural (crops) 

UVC is unsafe for skin and eyes! Please use appropriate personal protective equipment and avoid any UVC exposure to your eyes and skin!

UVC Output (measured on EIT UV Power Puck II)

  • @1" from bulb outputs 20 mw/cm2
  • @5" from bulb outputs 3 mw/cm2
  • @10" from bulb outputs 1 mw/cm2
Dosage Calculator Loading

If you would like to see a calculator that lists out specific microbes by name, please click here.

Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

How do I know it is actually working?!

Our customers often ask us how they know that the Premier 35 Watt Mountable UV-C Sanitizer is actually working. It is a pretty reasonable question to ask. After all, the disinfection that UV-C provides is happening at a microscopic level. This is why we have started including a set of free UV-C Visualizer Strips along with all GermAwayUV Surface Disinfection products. Simply put the UV-C Visualizer card on the surface that you wish to disinfect and run the system for the amount of time you plan to use for full disinfection. After running the unit for a cycle the yellow strip on the card should change from a bright yellow to a light green. If there is no color change then you need to either slow down the rate at which you disinfect or place the substrate closer to the mountable unit.

 Special Notice!

Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Do not look directly at the bulb and always use the included UV Glasses when utilizing this tool. 

UV-C Safety Basics:

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Josh Potter
Food Packaging

Used this device to sterilize seals on food packaging before leaving our facility


Ask a Question
  • How do I calculate the time to deactivate farther than 16 inches away from the surface? I am looking at trying to deactivate surfaces of a cargo truck to be free of animal viruses and bacteria. Rough dimensions of the truck holding area are 8' H x 8' W x 15' L

    Our GermAwayUV 55W Table Top sanitizer would be a better fit for your application.

  • For how long should be the incidence of UVC on surfaces and to that height of the surface should be the lamp.

    Please view the Dosage Calculator above. Simply select the microbes you need to target, use the slider to enter the distance away from the surface (in inches), and it will tell you the precise time required to deactivate 99.9% of germs on surfaces.

  • Is the uvc light tube shatterproof?

    Hello, thanks for your interest in the mountable sanitizer. Although we do not normally put shatterproof coating on the bulb in this unit, if you request it in the order notes, we will add it as a courtesy. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns and have a great day!

  • Does the UVC light kill rhinovirus, the primary cause of the common cold?

    Yes, our GermAwayUV 35 watt mountable sanitizer destroys Rhinovirus within 3 to 10 seconds, depending on the distance the unit is from the surface. For example, if you mount it 4 inches away, it will kill the virus in 3 seconds; if you mount it 12 inches away, it will disinfect the virus in 10 seconds. If you use the dosage calculator on this page, select "Viruses that attack humans and animals" and choose the distance.

  • How long can I continuously run this UV Lamp without shutting it off?

    This UV system can run continuously all day.

  • The bulbs came with a covering over both bulbs (one cover over both bulbs) is this a shatter proofsleeve? Can it be left in place?

    Ken, this is the shatterproof coating protecting the bulbs and should not be removed.