UV Equipment - Total-Cure Power-Shot Benchtop UV Curing Dryer System
UV Equipment - Total-Cure Power-Shot Benchtop UV Curing Dryer System UV Equipment - Total-Cure Power-Shot Benchtop UV Curing Dryer System UV Equipment - Total-Cure Power-Shot Benchtop UV Curing Dryer System UV Equipment - Total-Cure Power-Shot Benchtop UV Curing Dryer System UV Equipment - Total-Cure Power-Shot Benchtop UV Curing Dryer System

SPDI Total-Cure 2400 Bench-top UV Curing System
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When you absolutely, positively need it to UV cure perfectly all the way through.

The Total-Cure PowerShot bench top UV curing system is our most powerful handheld machine to date, with a maximum effective output beyond anything in the field and a 6 inch cure width. Ideal for heavy industrial production settings.

With its simple yet high tech design, it can handle a wide variety of curing applications, requiring virtually no learning curve or set up time. This system can be run all day every day for years and function just as well as when it was first purchased. It is made to take the daily heavy-duty use of a production environment. If you want the best UV Curing System in the industry, look no further. If you would like something more affordable, look at our 1100 watt UV Curing System.


  • Power: with over 2400 watts of power, there is no unit in the industry that is more powerful. This power allows your facility to increase the speed of production to the highest levels. 
  • Intensity: with over 1.25 W/cm2 of intensity at 1 inch from the light source, this system will cure virtually any UV coating in existence. 
  • Robustness: this system is designed to be used, whether mounter or in handheld configuration day in, day out for years to come. Whether you are running the system for a couple of hours a day or for three 8 hour shifts, 7 days a week, it will cure the coatings perfectly every time.
  • Ergonomics: the light weight and compact packaging allow you to use this in handheld configuration without any trouble.
  • Uniform power delivery: All SPDI systems are thoroughly tested for uniform power delivery. A tool is only as good as its weakest link so be on the lookout for systems with powerful ballasts that have uneven output because they will only cure as well or as the least powerful part of the UV bulb.
  • Smart Nest: Whenever you are not using the convenient handheld wand, simply place it in the nest and it automatically goes into stand by mode. This not only lowers your power consumption but elongates bulb life and reduces any safety concern.
  • Thermal Control: The built-in thermal controls keep the unit at an optimal temperature at all times to 1) optimize UV curing energy, 2) maximize bulb life, 3) prevent excess heat from warping your finished surfaces, and 4) preventing unnecessary heat from reaching the operator. 
  • Made in the USA Unlike our competitors, we still do all of our design, engineering, and manufacturing right in our Delray Beach, FL headquarters. 
  • Industry Leading Warranty: Our US production allows us to ensure that our UV systems meet the highest quality standards and that is why we can so easily offer a 1 year warranty right out of the box. Whether you purchased our system 1, 5, or even 10 years ago. We stand by our systems.

Technical Specifications:

  • Available Bulbs: Mercury (Hg), Iron (Fe), Gallium (Ga), Indium (In)
  • UVA Intensity: at 1 inch from Light - 1250 mw/cm2
  • UVA Intensity: at 3 Inches from Light - 954 mw/cm2

The compact package allows permanent mounting in fixed locations or to be transported if required. The unit also features a convenient nesting station, which provides safe placement for the UV cure irradiator head during standby operation.

CureUV's personalized and knowledgeable technical support staff is dedicated to help with your specific requirements. If you have questions, call and you will speak directly to an Applications Expert with extensive product knowledge and hands-on expertise.

UV Finish Application Guidelines (PDF)

Power Supply Diagram 

Standby Nest Diagram 

Handheld UV Irradiator Diagram 

Power Supply:

  • Weight - 59lbs
  • Dimensions - Width 10.13" x Depth 19.50" x Height 9.50"
  • Power Requirements - 220V, 60Hz (220V, 50Hz Avail.)
  • Main Power and Lamp on/off control
  • System control, power Hi / Low, E-Stop
  • Integrated cooling
  • 10' (foot) power cord
  • 20' (foot) irradiator cord
  • Molded plastic handles for portability
  • 6 non-marking, non-skid feet
Handheld UV Irradiator:
  • Weight - 5lb
  • Dimensions - Length 13.71" x Width 4.14" x Height 6.56"
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 3 cooling fans
  • Easy change UV lamp and Reflector
  • E-Stop (Turns off lamp, but not fans)
  • Standby power safety switch (activated when placed in nest)
Stand-by Nest:
  • Weight - 9lbs
  • Dimensions - Length 18.00" x Width x 6.50" x Height 4.65"
  • Power Requirements - 110V, 60Hz (220V, 50Hz Avail.)
  • Integrated cooling fan
  • 4 non-marking, non-skid feet
Typical Applications:
  • UV Adhesives
  • UV Finishes
  • UV Clear Coats
  • UV Paint
  • UV Ink
  • UV Varnish
  • Creating Photo-Initiated Reactions for Lab Use


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