GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier
GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier

GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier
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Air purification for your home or office HVAC system

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Few things are as important as the air we breathe. Normal rates of respiration for resting adults is between 12 to 16 breaths a minute. That's 12 to 16 times a minute that we inhale not just the good but also the bad of the air around us – toxins, chemicals, dust, pollutants. But here at CureUV, we’ve long recognized the need for quality air by providing the best in a range of air purification products for buildings and homes. From units that can be installed into your HVAC system, to stand alone air purifiers we’ve got it all. And now with this featured GermAwayUV 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier we’ve only added to our list of powerful yet affordable solutions to help you improve your air quality.

Uses UV-C light emission destroys 99.9% of bacteria and molds

Traditional HVAC systems are designed only to ventilate indoor air. However the reality is that these systems end up circulating a mix of outdoor emissions and indoor pollutants and toxins released by products, people and pets. That’s 12 to 16 times a day you’re really breathing in unclean air adding to poor health and harmful microorganisms.

However this feature effectively acts as an add-on element, that innovatively uses 2 bulbs with a combined power output of 36 watts to emit artificially created UV-C light. UV-C light kills almost all bacteria, viruses and molds that cause harmful microorganisms such as the influenza virus. Air and surfaces that are exposed to UV-C light are sanitized of these pathogens. When inserted into your system the bulbs will irradiate the air that passes through your ventilation killing bacteria, viruses and molds, leaving only the freshest and cleanest air! It’s a must have for anyone with a sensitive respiratory system, asthma and allergies.

UVC is unsafe for skin and eyes! Please use appropriate personal protective equipment and avoid any UVC exposure to your eyes and skin!


Easy DIY Installation

Using the manual and instructional video we’ve produced for you, this is an easy and simple DIY installation feature. By placing the device as close as possible to the AC coil you’ll get the best results.

DIY Installation Template for 36 Watt HVAC UV System 

UVC Disinfection Chart for Germ-Away Products (PDF)

Powerful Sanitation Range

Most of the products in the market are only 9 or 18 Watts in power. These bulbs are really only effective in small spaces like studio apartments. However this GermAwayUV product offers 36 Watt power which can effectively sanitize air in a room of up to 1500 sq. feet.

UVC Output (measured on EIT UV Power Puck II)

  • @1" around bulb output is 7 mw/cm^2
  • @5" around bulb output is 2.6 mw/cm^2
  • @10" around bulb output is 1.1 mw/cm^2

The above UVC output figures are more than enough for a 24" by 18" air duct.

But if you need something a little bigger, be sure to check out our GermAwayUV Heavy Duty Dual Bulb HVAC UV Air Purifier.

Long Lasting

Here at CureUV we’re committed to using only the best products. So much so that our bulbs are guaranteed to last up to one year (CureUV warranty)! With up to 10,000 hours of run time you won’t have to constantly fiddle with the system to replace the bulb.

Safe and Secure

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. That’s why we’ve selected a product designed with a feature to ensure your safety. So in case you have to move it, the box base of the device has an indicator which will show you when the device is on. We’ve also included a free set of UV glasses!

All GermAwayUV  products carry a 1 year warranty.

Spectral Output of Germicidal UVC Lights

Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

Customer Reviews

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Zach Wigitnon
Excellent value!

Perfect solution for the money!

Fresh Clean Air

Finally had this installed. Very quick and easy installation. I am thrilled how clean and fresh the air is my home and knowing that this can kill germs, viruses, mold spores and much more, I feel much more at ease with my allergies, pet dander or having someone sick in the house and less worry about reinfection. Thank you CureUV for offering a great product!

Easy to install.

Works great!


Ask a Question
  • Does this system emit ozone?

    This system uses ozone free bulbs

  • Germawayuv 36 watt. Is this a direct wire or plug-in? Also, what is the replacement bulb for this unit?

    Hello Raymond, this HVAC UV air purifier is a direct plug-in to a standard 110/120VAC outlet. We offer the Generic TUV PL-L 36W/4P replacement bulb for $29 or the Philips TUV PL-L 36W replacement bulb for $36. Either one is 100% compatible with this unit.

  • Does this has a viewhole? How do you know when it's time to change the bulb?

    Yes, there is a viewhole on the side. The viewhole has a filter so that you can look through it without harming your eyes. We recommend that the bulb be replaced every 9,000 to 10,000 hours of operation or about once every year.

  • Must this unit be installed on the supply side of the fan? Will it work in the return plenum?

    These units are typically installed in the supply side, however as most AC systems are closed loop the return side will work too.
    Try and keep the light from shining directly on the filter as it may begin to degrade the material,

  • Does the 36 watt system help control dust or only germs?

    Thanks for the question. The 36 watt system only helps to iradicate microbial contaminants that are living. Viruses, dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, etc... It will not improve the situation for inorganic matter. For that you need a HEPA filter. Often you can see significant improvement in this regard simply by improving the quality of your AC filter and by changing it out more frequently.

  • Is a bulb included with this unit?

    Yes, a bulb is included with this HVAC UV unit.

  • Is this system and the bulbs guaranteed? how long the guarantee is?

    Yes, borh have a 9000 hour warranty (that would translate to a little over a year).

  • What are the dimensions of the unit?

    Approximately 19" (L) x 7.5" (W) x 7.5" (H) with the UV bulbs.